Dirty Dozen Sex Toy Kit Pink

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BrandSeven Creations
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Nothing to do with the movie, this is a collection of extremely dirty fun vibes!
For your total sexual enjoyment and erotic experimentation, we have here a wonderful sexy collection of a dozen pink sex toys. All these wonderful toys will take you to the extreme heights of orgasmic pleasure, and are great for that fun adult party or raunchy orgy!
First up we have a gorgeous pair of soft jelly-coated pleasure balls with internal gyros connected by a nylon rope. Slip these babies into your hot vagina or anus and feel the need to scream in pleasure.
Next, for you and your partners mutual enjoyment, we have a soft jelly cock ring with sensual nubby ticklers and insert the silver multispeed bullet for even more extreme sensation as he penetrates your love tunnels.
Third, we have a sensational silver multispeed bullet with a 24-inch wire and easy dial control, slip this in your sexy holes for total massage and stimulation enjoyment that will have you groaning with pleasure.
Fourth is for your lover, a sensational adjustable cock ring with a steel T-ring locking system which will prolong erection and increase ejaculation for extended hot sex, and is sure to keep him hard and up for as long as necessary.
Fifth you have a chrome-coloured multispeed vibrator for probing and stimulating the depths of your sensual vagina and anus bringing with it orgasmic sensations that will have you reaching a climax in short order.
Sixth is a deep probing sleeve to slip on the vibrator for added extreme sensations.
Seventh is a nubby textured pleasure sleeve for that extreme different feeling as you probe and penetrate.
Eighth is an open blossom vibrator sleeve, yet another different textured sensation to stimulate and arouse.
Ninth we have a sensational veiny realistic vibrator sleeve so you can experience close to the sensations of a real cock probing your tunnels.
The tenth is a fabulous G-spot vibrator sleeve just so you can reach that extremely sensitive g-spot and push yourself over the edge into orgasmic fulfilment.
The eleventh is a wonderful Alien horn-tipped vibrator sleeve to simply take you out of this world into universal orgasmic pleasure.
And finally, we have a super sensational nubby and bumpy cock ring and vibrator sleeve to finish you both off completely, making sure you have experienced a wonderful night of torrid erotic sensation!
Well, there you have it, the formidable Dirty Dozen!
Will you try them all?
WashingHot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable1 to 5 inches
FeaturesMulti speed
BrandSeven Creations

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